Always proposing to contribute to improving the lives of the most vulnerable population, Instituto Mais Vida continues to seek donations, alliances, volunteers and programs incentives that help in the assistance and social transformation of all beneficiaries. To be able to act directly or through agreements, contracts, adjustments or agreements with national or international entities, in order to receive technical and / or financial advice.


Voluntary Homeland "Projeto Brasil Acolhedor" and "Campanha Mais Solidária"

Instituto Mais Vida received "Campanha Caixa Mais Solidária" from Caixa Econômica Federal in association with Pátria Voluntária "Projeto Brasil Acolhedor", approximately four tons of food that benefited needy families in vulnerable situations from the community of the Antares neighborhood and surroundings, in Maceió-Alagoas. In this action, 300 families, in a total of approximately 1,200 people, they had access to food that made a big difference at their tables, as during this period, many experience difficulties due to the pandemic of the Covid-19, which forced thousands of Brazilians to remain in social isolation, which caused loss of employment and income-generating opportunities.

The Action took place on May 7 and 8, 2021.


Brazil beat the tragic record of more than 500,000 Brazilians killed by Covid-19. In response to the pandemic, in addition to ensuring personal care, it is also necessary to adopt community health surveillance methods. During the pandemic, wearing masks protection, maintenance of basic health care and prevention of overcrowding, including flexible insulation measures are essential measures.

In this circumstance, assistance actions with free basic medical-clinical consultations. are carried out periodically favoring people who are part of a priority group because they have comorbidities. Blood glucose tests are offered, followed by a blood pressure check and distribution of medicines.⠀