With motivational themes that encourage women to recognize its importance social, reinforcing self-esteem and valuing women, health education, rights and protection of women, conversation circles that encourage the expression of opinions on issues current and relevant issues addressed in the meetings.


In order to contribute to the empowerment of women in the community and adjacencies, with the aim of generating income and insertion in the labor market; Encourage the feeling of citizenship, promote sociability between groups, integrate them during activities; management knowledge for the organization of small businesses and create new perspectives on life.


With the aim of promoting and preserving health and quality of life through healthy eating, the Mujeres Más Project also offers Free monthly nutritionist consultations for women age 20 and older.


Without a doubt, the habit of exercising helps to keep the body and mind healthy.
Functional training is suitable for anyone, of any age, and women assisted by Instituto Mais Vida has the opportunity to take care of your health through this activity, which among many benefits, improves the cardiorespiratory system and relieves back pain. Exercises require great expense Caloric and tones the muscles, thus contributing to a healthy weight loss.