Dance is a cultural and physical manifestation considered the oldest and most popular in the world. Among the various types of existing dances, the Classical Ballet was chosen by our institution. as a powerful instrument, not only for cultural manifestation, but also for social inclusion.

Always with the precious volunteer support of the Ballet Instructor, Josias Sebatian, we move on 07 years old bringing art, culture and education to girls who live in situations of social vulnerability, with the great objective of being protagonists of changes in their realities.


In May 2021, PROJECT BALLET MAIS VIDA - Classical Ballet began, support Government of Alagoas, through the Secretary of State for Culture, through the Aldir Blanc Law, Directed by the Special Secretariat of Culture of the Ministry of Tourism, Federal Government.

Our goal is to promote learning through workshops, classes, rehearsals, and presentations to girls. from 06 to 17 years old, selected (low income / students of the public school system in Bairro de Antares and surroundings, in Maceió / Alagoas), offering access to culture as a way of social inclusion.

Access to Culture, more specifically in this Classical Ballet project, offers students the opportunity to socialization, artistic creation and development of restricted perception and sensitivity, often only to the most privileged strata of society.

On August 13 at 7:30 pm the Mais Vida Ballet Project was presented with the Theme "Watercolor" . " In an environment full of colors, beauty and light, our 20 dancers , with a special participation also from the team of Shalom Jerusalem dance, danced giving a show of grace involving the entire audience in a full atmosphere of joys and emotions.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, respecting hygiene and distance protocols, we get involved attendance of 250 people. The presentation was broadcast live through our YouTube channel. for

Channel Link Ballet presentation more life

At the end of the periods of classes and rehearsal workshops, we will have two presentations of the classes in the form of workshops cultural training and transfer of knowledge and practices, live on our channel (Instituto Mais Vida) on YouTube, at dates and times to be announced in advance.

You can support this project! Make your donation and help us to continue making dreams come true and transforming ourselves the lives of needy girls.